Hello. My name is Jeremy Metzger. At the time of this post I am 29 years old. I was born in September of 1982, so you can do the math from here on out because I don’t care enough to update this every time I get a year older.
I am married to the most amazing woman in the entire world, Jana Metzger. She is my best friend, an incredible wife and so much more than I could ever deserve. She means the world to me and it is my goal in life to make sure she knows it every day. Our love story is quite an entertaining one…maybe I’ll blog about it someday!
She is also the greatest Mother to the handsomest boy in the world, Elam Nathaniel. Elam actually just hit the 7 month mark yesterday! He is getting so big and is such a blessing from the Lord! He is living proof that God answers prayer and always keeps His promises to us…maybe I’ll blog about that someday!
I believe in God obviously, and His only Son Jesus Christ. His grace and love amaze me more and more every day I walk with Him. He is the reason behind everything I do and I am sure I will blog about that.
That’s all I have for now. Maybe I’ll edit this later, maybe not?

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