June 5, 2017

June 5, 2017

JOB 14-16

Focus Verse: “You will call, and I will answer You;
You will long for the work of Your hands.
“For now You number my steps,
You do not observe my sin.
“My transgression is sealed up in a bag,
And You wrap up my iniquity.
“But the falling mountain crumbles away,
And the rock moves from its place;
Water wears away stones,
Its torrents wash away the dust of the earth;
So You destroy man’s hope.”
Job 14:15-19


I love how painfully real the story of Job is. Two of my favorite Biblical characters (outside of Jesus…but He kind of has the deck stacked as far as heroes of the Bible) are Job and David and it’s for precisely this reason. They are so real. I can relate to their struggles.


Now I’ll be the first to tell you, Job had it a whole lot worse than I ever have. I’ve never lost a child, not to mention all of them, I’ve never had all of my possessions stolen through natural disaster or a band of raiders (though I’m pretty sure someone stole my water bottle last week and that was slightly annoying), and, relatively speaking, I’m in pretty good health – no painful boils or anything like that.


That said, I have been through some junk…haven’t we all? I’ve gone through those seasons of life where I spend one hour shaking my fists at God, demanding answers for why He’s not stepping in on my behalf, then the next hour praising Him for the fact that I know He will come to my rescue eventually. Have you ever been there?


That’s why I love this passage so much. It encapsulates the entire book of Job so well. Despite everything Job has gone through, he still is not ready to give up hope that there is a Savior who longs for him. He’s not ready to write off God as having forgotten him, even through he has no evidence that God is paying attention – in fact, all evidence would point to the opposite.


I think God has placed that hope in all of us. We all have this “God-sized hole”, as Blaise Pascal coined it; a deep longing, a deep knowing, that there is something more out there for us. We try to fill it with other things, we cover it up and hide it away, and some of us have gotten very good at doing so, but the fact remains that there is still this hope…or at least this void of hope.


Maybe you’re locked in this same kind of internal war, raging every day, just like Job, between the hope that God still cares, that God still longs for you, and the reality of your situation – a situation that says God can’t be for you.


Can I encourage you to hold on to hope today? God is faithful. He is still moving mountains. He is still fighting for you. You have an advocate in heaven, Jesus Christ, who is pleading for you day after day. You have an advocate with you, the Holy Spirit, who will empower you to get through these next 24 hours.


Hold on to that hope. God will not destroy it. He will see you through.

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