June 3, 2017

June 3, 2017

JOB 8-10

Focus Verse: “There is no umpire between us,
Who may lay his hand upon us both.
“Let Him remove His rod from me,
And let not dread of Him terrify me.
“Then I would speak and not fear Him;
But I am not like that in myself.
Job 9:33-35


I love this prophetic verse from Job. In the middle of your pain, don’t forget to look for the prophetic, and here is one of many from Job.


Job is looking for an arbitrator between God and himself, an umpire as it is translated here in the NASB. Someone who can somehow touch both God and man. Someone who can take the wrath of God away, and leave us nothing but the loving, forgiving, merciful and gracious God. Someone who can serve as a go between, so that we can speak openly and freely to God without fear. Who exists to take on that mantle?


On the other side of the cross, we know that God-man is Jesus Christ – the perfect combination of both God, and man. Fully human, yet fully God, Jesus stands in that gap that Job describes here, touching both God and man. And because He humbled Himself, and despite being perfect in every way, bore the full wrath of God’s rod that should have fallen on us, there is now no fear on condemnation for those who are in Christ; we can rest in His perfect love. We can enter boldly before His throne and speak to God as one would speak to a loving Father. There is no veil between us.


What a Savior! What a God!

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