May 24, 2017

May 24, 2017


Focus Verse: Next to him Uzziel the son of Harhaiah of the goldsmiths made repairs. And next to him Hananiah, one of the perfumers, made repairs, and they restored Jerusalem as far as the Broad Wall.
Nehemiah 3:8


Way to go Uzziel and Hananiah! You cannot tell me that a goldsmith and a perfumer had any idea what they were doing building a city wall. But they didn’t let that stop them! They got out their smartphones, looked up “how to build a wall” on YouTube and had at it! Ok, that’s most likely not how it happened.


But seriously, good for them! They saw a need, stepped out of their comfort zone and responded to that need. I know that I’ve talked about this before, but that definition of ministry keeps coming back: ministry responds to need.


In that definition (which I think is the best definition I’ve ever heard of ministry) we don’t have the option of picking the need. Now look, I’m not saying that if a friend of yours is cheating on his spouse, that you should take it upon yourself to do their marriage counseling (unless you’re a licensed counselor…then by all means go for it!). That could end very badly. But there is absolutely no excuse why you can’t sit and listen to them and walk with them through that process.


Here’s the key: we don’t get to be picky about ministry. When we see a need, we need to respond to that need. These men saw a need and responded to that need. They may not have been the best wall builders in the world, but they responded to a need.


So what need do you see around you? What need has God called you to address? Now what are you going to do to respond to that need?

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