May 13, 2017

May 13, 2017


Focus Verse: When the kingdom of Rehoboam was established and strong, he and all Israel with him forsook the law of the Lord.
2 Chronicles 12:1


I firmly believe that this is the most dangerous place to be in our walk with Jesus. So many Christians are concerned with what to do through the trials of life, through the desert seasons, that we almost completely ignore how to walk with God through the good times. In my experience, the good times are far more dangerous than the trials.


Sure, the trials in life can cause you to walk away from the faith completely. People assume that since they aren’t currently experiencing any goodness (that they can see) that God has stopped being good. This is certainly not the case, but that can be hard to see sometimes when we are struggling.


Many times though, it is the trials in our lives that cause us to dig in deeper with God. In the struggles, we realize the desperate truth of the human condition, the truth of the Gospel: we can’t, but Jesus did and can through His Holy Spirit in us.


The good times, on the other hand, work directly against that Gospel definition. If we aren’t ever so careful when things are going well and we feel strong, we can slowly start to pull control out of God’s hands and start taking more and more ownership over things that were never ours to being with. It’s our wealth, our possessions, our talents, our church…


I just keep writing about this, and it makes sense because it really is where we have to start every day: we must approach God with humility. We have to be poor in Spirit.


Every. Single. Day.


This is the only way we can fight complacency when things are going well. It’s the only way we can keep our hands off of the wheel and continue to let God use us, especially in areas where we feel comfortable doing it on our own.


Let’s be honest, we have the God who created the entire universe offering to empower us to do His will…why in the world would we want to do any of it by our power?

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