May 5, 2017

May 5, 2017


Focus Verse: Then the Spirit came upon Amasai, who was the chief of the thirty, and he said,
“We are yours, O David,
And with you, O son of Jesse!
Peace, peace to you,
And peace to him who helps you;
Indeed, your God helps you!”
Then David received them and made them captains of the band.
1 Chronicles 12:18


The key to David’s success was his complete submission to the will of God. Time and time again (I believe four times in the next two chapters) we are told or shown how David seeks the will of God FIRST, before he does anything else. This is what marks every single one of his successes.


But another huge reason for the success of David is the company he keeps. Seeking the will of God first is the main cause, but the kingdom of Israel absolutely explodes with success under David because he surrounds himself and appoints as leaders those who are like him.


Yes, David has his “mighty men”, and we love to tell the story of these brawny men, who with herculean effort, topple thousands, kill lions with their bare hands and slay giants. But these mighty men aren’t mighty because they follow the John Wayne model of might. This isn’t a Dirty Harry kind of macho. This is the most wimpy form of mighty that the world has ever seen.


These men are mighty because they submit. These men are mighty because, before they do anything on their own, they first surrender to God’s will. They know Who to take orders from, and it’s not David.


Again, this isn’t the kind of tough and mighty we see in the world today. Today it’s all about being a self-made man, going your own way, blazing your own trail, but that’s not mighty at all in the Kingdom of God. The mighty man in the Kingdom of God surrenders first, loves completely and gives himself sacrificially.


Jesus Christ is the mightiest Man in the Kingdom of God, and He was nailed to a cross in weakness. Why? Because, above everything else, He submitted to the will of His Father. This is what a mighty man (or woman) looks like. Go be mighty today! Love like Jesus. Give like Jesus. Surrender like Jesus.

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