March 22, 2017

March 22, 2017

JUDGES 10-12

Focus Verse: “But the Israelites pleaded with the Lord and said, ‘We have sinned. Punish us as you see fit, only rescue us today from our enemies.’ Then the Israelites put aside their foreign gods and served the Lord. And he was grieved by their misery.”
Judges 10:15-16


Repentance requires action. Just like any other conviction. God can tell when we are truly repentant and when we’re faking…any parent can. If you are a parent, you know what I’m talking about. Even if you aren’t yet, you’ve probably been able to pick up on some of the more pathetic attempts of a child to gain the sympathy of the people around him or her.


When you become a parent and that child is yours, that instinct becomes even keener. You can even distinguish between the fake cry, the “I should probably intervene” cry and the “I need to call the hospital” cry. When God’s children cry out to Him, no matter where they are calling from, He knows whether the cry is real or not.


And what always accompanies a real cry of repentance? Action. Here the Israelites took the action steps of getting rid of the objects that were causing them to sin against God. That’s true repentance. Action that backs up your conviction. That’s why God was grieved by their misery. Make no mistake, He was never happy with their misery, but God isn’t interested in our personal comfort or happiness; He is interested in our eternal souls. So if that means we need to suffer in order to see how badly we need Him, He will permit that.


So, question time: what action step do you need to take? How real is your repentance? Does social media cause you covet another person’s life? Do you find yourself getting in trouble when you have free time to “surf the web”? TAKE AN ACTION STEP! If you are truly repentant, ask God for forgiveness, ask Him for help and ask Him what action steps you can take to get rid of that idol.

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