January 31, 2017

January 31, 2017

EXODUS 39-40

Focus Verse: “…All this was done just as the Lord had commanded Moses.”

Exodus 39:21

Alright, I’ll be real honest here. When I was wrapping my mind around doing a devotional to follow a Bible in a year plan, I was most worried about these law parts of the Bible. What am I supposed to write about during these super repetitive part when I struggle to stay awake during my reading time?

But God hit me with some awesome truth this morning. While I was reading this part, thinking that it probably would have been good enough for the author to just tell us that everything God told Moses happened exactly as God told Moses to do it instead of writing everything out word for word, it hit me: how awesome is that statement alone?!

Moses and the Israelites obeyed God so perfectly here, that when we read the account of the construction of the tabernacle, it feels as if we are reading God’s instructions to Moses all over again! Can people say that about your life?

I want that kind of obedience! I need that kind of obedience! When I look back at my life’s story and what God was telling me to do, the two never contradict each other. Perfectly walking in the Spirit with God.

Now we all know that the Israelites took some missteps. Don’t we all? But it’s never too late to start again. We can start writing our new story today and make it a word for word retelling of God’s instructions for our lives.

What an awesome testimony that would be!

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