January 15, 2017

January 15, 2017


Focus Verse: ‘“It’s alright,’ he said. ‘Don’t be afraid. Your God, the God of your father, has given you treasure in your sacks; I received your silver.’ Then he brought Simeon out to them.”

Genesis 43:23

I’m going to jump back into yesterday’s reading for just a second. In Genesis 42:28, when the brothers first realize that all of their silver is still in their sacks and begin worrying that Joseph (though they don’t know it’s Joseph yet) will think they stole the goods, the brothers make this comment, “What is this that God has done to us?” I have always wondered why Joseph sends his brothers on this wild goose chase. I guess I always thought it was to pay them back for selling him into slavery; just give them a little scare. But I think Joseph is doing something even grander here.

I think Joseph is teaching his brothers the immeasurably valuable lesson that he learned while in Egypt: no matter what the situation looks like around you, trust in God and keep walking with Him. We see later on in today’s reading, when Joseph reveals his identity to his brothers, that Joseph has gotten this concept down to the very core of who he is, “So then, it was not you who sent me here, but God.”

But there is a difference we need to spell out here. You can know something, and then you can know something to the point of it changing the very nature of who you are. In the American church today we are very good at knowing things. We sit and learn all sorts of things from our pastors and preachers, and then go through our week and never let anything we hear change us; never let it get down to the core of who we are.

That’s not the Gospel though. The Gospel changes. You can’t hear the Gospel and leave the same way you came in. That’s why Joseph couldn’t just sit down and tell his brothers about his experience of God being faithful through all his trials. Joseph needed his brothers to have their own experience.

What truth of God do you need to get down into the core of who you are? You don’t need another sermon on that topic or a class…you need to go out and live it! Walk in the Spirit and He will lead you into all truth.

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